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Elena Maceviciute
Tom Wilson
​ ställer frågan​ och undrar var pengarna ska komma ifrån:

Everywhere, the e-book accounts for only a small proportion of total loans from public libraries – in Sweden it is about 2% – and yet the loan charges in Sweden result in budgetary problems for libraries. Any rational person would ask, What is the cost/benefit relationship for the expenditure? But librarians are driven by an ideology that says that, if a medium exists, it must be made available – and this ideology is now enshrined the Swedish library law. Neither law, nor government, however, say anything about where the money comes from to pay for the service.


Jan Szczepański
F.d Förste bibliotekarie och chef för f.d Avdelningen för humaniora,
vid f.d. Centralbiblioteket, Göteborgs universitetsbibliotek
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