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Welcome to the December 2011 issue of ScieCom info. Nordic-Baltic Forum for Scientific Communication.


Oslo University, Norway, has adopted an OA-policy. All personnel employed after 1 January 2012 shall deposit a post-print version of scientific articles created in the course of their duties in the university institutional repository .Se Charlotte B¸rdes article below.

·         UK White Paper “Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth commits the Government to require OA to all outputs from publicly funded research. Read more in our NEWS Section.

Our “Open Minds” series presents interviews from Lithuania and Sweden.

·         Our editor in Lithuania Meile Kretaviciene has interviewed the Lithuanian publisher Eleonora Dagienë, Chair of Council of The Lithuanian Association of  Scholar Periodicals, about her views and experiences of Open Access. Eleonora Dagienë appreciates open access and believes that it gives greater opportunities for Lithuanian journals.

·         Yvonne Hultman Özek has interviewed Mattias Collin, at the Department of Clinical Sciences, Lund University, Sweden. He began advocating OA when he became more and more frustrated by having to pay high page charges despite giving up the copyright to his own work. He has seen the attitudes to OA  change  from very sceptical to positive,and believes that OA will be the future standard.

·         In “Open Access policy at the University of Oslo” Charlotte B¸rde, Senior Legal Adviser at the University of Oslo, illustrates the political background and the legal aspects of the Open Access policy adopted by the Board of the University of Oslo University in December. The author presents the policy itself and the institutional process leading up to it.

·         In “Strategic Publishing Rules – a Manual for Researchers” Peter Linde and Håkan Grahn at Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden, describe how they try to handle the conflict between the research assessment system with its emphasis on publishing in ISI-ranked journals and the demands for OA-publishing. 

·          Stina Johansson, Chalmers Library,  Gothenburg, Sweden, presents “The Geography of Science – an example from Chalmers”.  The Chalmers Library participates  in the ongoing research assessment of the eight Areas of Advance at Chalmers, and the bibliometricians have studied the collaboration patterns of the Chalmers researchers. 

·         In “Talking about open Access” Anne Sandfaer at the Danish Agency for Libraries and Media, presents Knowledge Exchange , the partnership between DEFF in Denmark, JISC in the UK, DFG in Germany, and the SURFfoundation in Holland. This partnership has now launched a website for OA success stories, coming from researchers, editors, publishers or anybody involved in the distribution of research results.

We hope that you will have a god read. Your comments and ideas are very welcome.

Ingegerd Rabow