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1st International Conference on Technologies and Strategic Management of Sustainable Biosystems
(6-9 July 2008, Perth, Western Australia)

Abstracts deadline: Nov 26 2007
Full Paper by May 30 2008

Conference convener and Contact Person:
Dr Jaya Nair Associate Director
Murdoch University's
Environmental Technology Centre
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Phone +61 (0)8 9360 7322
Fax +61 (0)8 9310 4997


This conference aims to bring together people working in all sectors, academics, industrialists and community workers who have technologies and experiences to share, suitable for both developing and developed countries. The conference will primarily focus on the technical aspects of sustainable biosystems and their integration into society.

Abstracts on these Conference Topics are welcomed
* Integrated Biosystems for Waste Treatment and Reuse
* Water Management in Integrated Biosystems
* Nutrient Management in Integrated Biosystems
* Health and Environmental Issues with Biosystems
* Integrated Biosystems for Urban Resource Management
* Integrated Biosystems for Improving Degraded & Saline-Affected Soils
* Community Participation and Governance
* Education and Training
* Case Studies and Applied Technologies
* and any other topics that may fall under the theme of technologies and strategic management of sustainable biosystems.


Biosystems are a sustainable approach for the management of natural resources. In the past the management of water, food, energy and shelter throughout the world has been largely by biosystems. This is evident even today throughout the developing world and in rural regions. Increased urbanisation and dependence on mechanical technologies coupled with lifestyle changes and market driven economic centralism is consuming resources in un-sustainable ways. This urban-lifestyle and commercial activity is often unconnected with surrounding ecosystems and biosystems. In questioning the sustainability of lifestyle and commercial activities old approaches have been re-assessed and refined.

Development of decentralised technologies that mimic biosystems have led to real commercial gains without sacrificing a sustainable approach. Decentralised approaches and the move toward integration of high-tech solutions and biosystems guarantee innovation. The use of biosystems and models derived from them can have real benefit to the environment and economy at the same time.

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