Content-Type: text/html Bland dom tretiofem projekt EU identifierar för att stödja den europeiska forskningens infrastruktur nämns följande under rubriken Social Sciences and Humanities, vilket har stor relevans i den pågående diskussionen kring Mr Deewey och Ms SAB: "The challenge in the field of social sciences and humanities is to create pan-European systems which will enable a better use of the vast amount of data and information already existing or that will be generated. The majority of these resources are currently country- or region-specific and are produced to meet national requirements. They are collected by means of nation- and language -specific instruments based on local methodologies and classifications and rarely published for general use outside the country of origin. Also, national access restrictions are often in place. Answers to part of these challenges can be identified in six projects which have been considered under this roadmap." Så det finns all anledning att skynda långsamt, trots alla "kostnadsbesparingar" som skulle kunna göras genom att välja det amerikanska klassifikations- systemet. -- Jan Szczepanski
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