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Subject: Re: "A seamless web"
From: Mattias Brundell <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:BIBLIST - Topics in Nordic research library user services <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Tue, 26 Oct 1999 11:34:14 PDT

text/plain (249 lines)

Ingegerd Rabow refererade härom dagen en aktuell artikel i NATURE om de
intressanta planerna på att skapa en "seamless web" när det gäller
vetenskapliga tidskrifter inom teknik, naturvetenskap och medicin.

Via en amerikansk informationstjänst - LIIWEEK - fick jag idag reda på att
ett liknande projekt - PubSCIENCE - som bäst håller på att genomföras i
Amerika inom ämnena fysik och energiteknik.

Huvudmän för verksamheten är USA:s energidepartement samt Office of
Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI).

Dessutom har man förmått följande förlag och vetenskapliga sällskap att
ställa upp som "Charter Members":

- American Association for the
  Advancement of Science

- American Society for Microbiology

- National Research Council of Canada Research Press

- The American Physical Society

- Nature Publishing Group

- Nature Publishing Group Journals
  formerly Stockton Press)

- Blackwell Science

- Royal Society of Chemistry

- Cambridge University Press

- S. Karger AG

- EDP Sciences

- Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

- Electrochemical Society

- Springer-Verlag/LINK

- Institute of Physics Publishing

- Taylor & Francis Publishers, Ltd.

- The MIT Press

- Ziff-Davis, Inc., ZDNet

- Massachusetts Medical Society

- University of Chicago Press (participating member).

Att så många "tunga" aktörer på området engagerats i projektet torde vara en
garanti för att detta är en ytterst seriös och långsiktig satsning.

Eftersom jag antar att detta projekt kan vara av intresse för många av
Biblist:s deltagare, återger jag nedan PubSCIENCE:s egen presentation
(bortsett från avsnittet om ansvarsbegränsningar för PubSCIENCE:s del).

Adressen till PubSCIENCE är:

Hälsningar, Mattias Brundell
            Box 2002
            103 11  STOCKHOLM

            Tel. 08/206237 eller 08/7811756

            E-post: [log in to unmask]   eller
                            [log in to unmask]

"What is PubSCIENCE?

PubSCIENCE is a World Wide Web service developed by the Department of
Energy's (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) to
facilitate searching and accessing peer reviewed journal literature in the
physical sciences and other energy-related disciplines.

Available October 1, 1999, PubSCIENCE allows the user to search across
abstracts and citations of multiple publishers at no cost.  Once the user
has found an interesting abstract, a hyperlink provides access to the
publisher's server to obtain the full text article.  The article will come
up immediately if the user or his/her organization has a subscription to the
journal.  If the user lacks such a subscription, access to the full text can
be obtained by pay per view, by special arrangement with the publisher,
library access or through commercial providers.

PubSCIENCE is available for public use through the Government Printing
Office's "GPO ACCESS".  It can be accessed at or

PubSCIENCE is modeled after PubMed, which covers medical sciences and is
funded by the National Institutes of Health.  Like PubMed, PubSCIENCE will
continue to expand its current collection with the vision of becoming a
comprehensive compendium of searchable, published information about the
physical sciences and other disciplines of concern to DOE.  To date,
publishers issuing over 1000 separate journal titles have agreed to
participate in PubSCIENCE.  Citations for these titles are being added as
they are provided.

What type of journals are included in PubSCIENCE?

The focus of PubSCIENCE is on those journals where DOE researchers report
their scientific discoveries.  Frequency of contributions by DOE-sponsored
researchers to scientific journals has been analyzed to prioritize data
collection efforts.  OSTI partners with participating publishers to provide
information that is both relevant and useful to the DOE scientific community
as well as information that was developed as the result of government
sponsored R&D.  The technology undergirding PubSCIENCE makes it much cheaper
to capture all the articles issued by a specific journal, compared to
choosing which articles to include.

Where do the PubSCIENCE citations come from?

PubSCIENCE citations come from two sources: 1) participating publishers and
information intermediaries maintaining citation collections based on
agreements negotiated with OSTI, and 2) the nearly one million DOE Energy
Science and Technology Database journal citations maintained by OSTI,
comprising one of the largest compendia of energy related bibliographic
citations available electronically.

How is PubSCIENCE populated?

OSTI is negotiating agreements with selected scientific journal publishers
and information intermediaries to obtain announcement citations and compile
them into the PubSCIENCE searchable database.  This database includes
hyperlinks from the citations to the publishers' servers where the full text
article is available.  Options to view the full-text will depend on the
publisher.  Users or their organizations or libraries make arrangements with
publishers to subscribe to journals or obtain site licenses.   All fee-based
arrangements to view the full-text at the publisher's site are the
responsibility of the users.

Why PubSCIENCE now?

PubSCIENCE is the convergence of 1) recent advances in information
technology tools (as evidenced by the now ubiquitous Internet), 2) the
re-engineering of traditional DOE products and services, 3) the awakening
interests of scientific journal publishers to utilize the Internet, 4) the
information needs of the DOE research community, and 5) the mission of the
Government Printing Office to make electronic government information and
tools available to the public.  Innovative tools like PubSCIENCE are only
now becoming practical.

NIH's PubMed was the trailblazer, making information available in the
medical sciences and other disciplines of concern to NIH.  PubMed enjoys a
fine reputation in that community and is very heavily used.  Now, PubSCIENCE
is completing the circle in providing electronic access to the physical
sciences as PubMed has done for the medical sciences.  PubSCIENCE is
addressing the information needs of researchers, students, and the public
for information in the physical sciences and other energy-related

How does PubSCIENCE help the user?

This service saves the user time-consuming research through many individual
journals, eliminates inefficient searching through individual Web sites,
allows access to journal information 24 hours a day for 365 days a year, and
links directly to the publisher's doorstep to obtain the full-text.
PubSCIENCE is an excellent example of how modern information technology can
provide significant savings in time and money.

Organizationally, it saves the government or any other employer of
researchers money in two important ways.  First, PubSCIENCE provides
efficient desktop access to needed information, thus increasing researcher
productivity.  Secondly, PubSCIENCE avoids duplication of research.  R&D
efforts are less likely to be duplicated because scientists can more easily
become aware of research already conducted or ongoing.

Why invest in a project like this?

The Department's mandate is to provide for the accessibility and
dissemination of scientific knowledge that was created as the result of
government sponsored R&D.   The resources that are actually invested are
very small as the citations provided by the journal publishers are freely
provided at no charge.  Many professional societies who wish to engage their
publications in electronic commerce see this as the trend for the future.
PubSCIENCE will not only facilitate access to scientific knowledge developed
through government sponsored research, but will also expand use and access
to broader peer-reviewed scientific literature.

What is the future of PubSCIENCE?

OSTI will continue to expand the collaboration through negotiations with
other journal publishers and provide the DOE research community and the
public with access.  PubSCIENCE represents a unique partnership between the
Federal government and the public/private journal publishers focused on
facilitating good science by providing access to peer reviewed scientific
and technical literature.   This represents a major milestone in the goal of
"Bringing Science to the Desktop" through the application of Web-based
information technology".

>From: Ingegerd Rabow <[log in to unmask]>
>Reply-To: BIBLIST - Topics in Nordic research library user services
>      <[log in to unmask]>
>To: [log in to unmask]
>Subject: "A seamless web"
>Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 09:08:58 +0200
>Från  Nature 14 oktober:
>"International Association of Science, Technology and Medical Publishers"
>möttes i Frankfurt den 12 oktober. och enades om att anta gemensamma
>procedurer för att skapa en "seamless web" , som länkar referenserna i de
>artiklar de publicerar till källarbetena i övriga deltagande utgivares
>respektive publikationer. Avsikten med vad man kallar "världens största
>forskningsnätverk" sägs vara att garantera att alla artiklar som citeras i
>dessa förläggares  elektroniska tidskrifter skall vara direkt nåbara över
>Så småningom antas fem till tio miljoner vetenskapliga artiklar och deras
>referenser bli länkade med varandra på detta sätt. Den slutliga
>handlingsplanen kommer att diskuteras vid ett möte i London i december.
>Ingegerd Rabow
>Ingegerd Rabow, Karolinska Institute Library
>Project Electronic Journal Licensing
>P.O. Box 200, S-171 77  Stockholm
>Email: [log in to unmask]
>Phone: +46 8 728 68 64
>Fax: +46 8 30 81 28

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