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Subject: Internet Conference (2000) - CALL FOR ABSTRACTS
From: Jacky Foo <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Jacky Foo <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Mon, 26 Jul 1999 10:18:18 +0200

text/plain (146 lines)


Internet Conference on Material Flow Analysis of Integrated Bio-Systems
(March-Oct 2000)

The Institute of Advanced Studies of the United Nations University (Tokyo)
( and the UNU/IAS Integrated Bio-Systems Network
(, in cooperation with
other organizations, welcome authors to submit abstracts of papers for the
Internet Conference on Material Flow Analysis of Integrated Bio-Systems
(IC-MFA-IBS) between March and October 2000.

The Conference (IC-MFA-IBS) is a follow-up of the 1998 Internet Conference
on Integrated Bio-Systems ( and
other Internet conferences that were organized on the use of ecotechnology
(1994) and ecological engineering (1995, 1996) in integrated bio-systems.
IC-MFA-IBS will provide papers on the web for discussions via the web and
email. The goal of the conference is to facilitate a dialogue, with the
objective of generating information that is useful to academia, industry,
governmental and non-governmental organizations and funding agencies, on
the role and application of integrated bio-systems in zero waste and
emission, food production and security, sustainable industrial and
agricultural development and climate change.

An integrated bio-system (IBS) integrates at least 2 sub-systems so that
the wastes generated by the first system are used by the next biological
sub-system to produce value-added products. A common example is the use of
animal manure from a livestock sub-system to produce biogas and then using
nutrients in the digested slurry for crop and fish production. The general
aim of an IBS is to turn material flow with losses into a closed and
integrated one. IBSs can be designed for a number of purposes, e.g. to
enhance resource and waste uilisation in agriculture, aquaculture, industry
and for eco-buildings, human communities and cities (see for more examples). The
material flow analysis (MFA) is key to the design and operation of an IBS.
By quantifying the material flows, useful information is generated  to
solve problems, to make systems more robust to changes and for the
development of new ideas, planning of projects, and decision and policy


This Internet Conference will have a central focus on the analysis of
material flows in integrated bio-systems. The organisers welcome abstracts
of papers that can describe and quantify the flow of materials in existing
and conceptual bio-systems under the following themes :

1) Municipal Biodegradable Solid Recycling and Conversion Systems
MFA of systems that includes recycling and conversion of biodegradables,
food scraps, yard trimmings and greens into bio-fuels, organic fertiliser,
animal feed, biochemicals, etc. using biological sub-systems such as
anaerobic digestion, composting, vermi-culture, etc.. New methods,
alternative natural systems for control or remediation to avoid the need
for landfills, conventional wastewater plants,

2) Wastewater Treatment and Utilisation Systems
MFA of systems using plants, microbes, shellfish in wastewater treatment
and use of wastewaters in crop irrigation, aquaculture, wetlands, forests,
etc. crop-aquaculture, livestock-aquaculture systems, integrated
aquaculture/polyculture systems, etc..

3) Integrated Aquaculture Systems
MFA of aquatic food production systems such as integrated
aquaculture/polyculture systems, fish-shellfish-seaweed systems,
aquaculture-terrestrial integrated bio-systems, silvifisheries, fish
ranching, etc.

4) Small Scale Farming Systems
MFA of household bio-systems with sub-systems like livestock, biogas
digesters, fish ponds, compost, vermicompost, vegetable gardens and crops
plots, fruit trees, aquatic plants, etc.

5) Large Plantations, Farms and Feedlots
MFA of corporate and cooperative agricultural systems using of agro-crop
 residues and livestock manure for production of feed, food, fibre,
chemicals, energy, etc.

6) Constructed Building Complex, greenhouse and Eco-house Systems
MFA of bio-systems in/on buildings for waste water treatment, food
production, hydroponics, aquaponics; waste recycling or using animals and
compost to heat greenhouses, etc.

7) Industry and Eco-Industrial Parks
MFA of bio-systems for cleaner production, industries and industrial parks
to utilise primary by-product wastes for biochemicals, food and energy
production in co-operative implmentation of shared systems for
complementary recovery and use.

8) Resource Utilization and Conservation in Sustainable Eco-Systems
MFA of bio-systems for sustainable resource utilisation e.g. in watersheds,
reservoirs, lakes, river basins, community forests, natural parks, coral
reefs, mangroves, etc..

9) Small Islands, Community, Villages and Cities
MFA of IBSs for sustainable living in human communities and for urban
ecology and environmental management

10) Global Issues related to Food Security, Environment and Climate Change
e.g. regional studies where integrated bio-systems are used to play crucial
roles to sustain food security, zero emissions and wastes; and reduction of
greenhouse gases.

11) Tools and Methodology for Design and Analysis of Integrated
e.g. softwares and methods for material flow analysis


Abstracts should not be more than 1 page in size and may contain text,
table, diagrams. It should include title of paper, full name(s) and postal
and email address(es) of author(s), abstract and keywords. Please send
abstracts to [log in to unmask]

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by the Planning Group of the
Conference. Authors should wait for formal notification of acceptance
before proceeding into preparation of the full papers.


The deadline for the 1st Call for Abstracts is Oct 31, 1999.
A 2nd Call for Abstracts will be made at a later date, if needed.


General information is available at
Future announcements will be made via

To receive conference announcements by email, please send an email to
[log in to unmask] and
use the subscription command:
SUB ET-W11 yourfirstname yourlastname, organization
e.g. SUB ET-W11 Ted Tschang, UNU/IAS-Tokyo

Please address all requests or questions to: Mr. Jacky Foo <[log in to unmask]>
Fax: 46-8-314620

*****General Request to Readers*****
If you have a friend whose work could be presented in this Internet
Conference, please forward this CALL FOR ABSTRACTS to your friend(s) or to
other appropriate electronic mailing lists. Thank you

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