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Subject: Heterosexual Telepathy, Black Watch, Shekhina, Séances, and Freemasonry
From: Jon Riley <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:BIBLIST - Topics in Nordic research library user services <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Thu, 6 May 2010 21:28:06 -0400

text/plain (395 lines)

Heterosexual Telepathy....

Black Watch, Shekhina, Séances, and Freemasonry

A friend of mine invited me to a Séance in Toronto.  I looked up
Séance at Wikipedia and Google and it is a French word from the
Enlightenment and it is the worship of the dead.   It is opposed by
Catholics who are heterosexual telepathic. (see How to see the light
of Heaven in 2 hours).  Seances have gay telepaths (and partial
telepaths) and Catholics/Black Watch have heterosexual telepaths.

So there I was around a table late at night with men.  The experience
made me closer to Christian faith.  After about 30 minutes around the
table, an image appeared on the table.  One of the persons referred to
it as Shekhina, the Deity of Light.  Later I looked into this name and
Shekhina is the Jewish name for Deity of Light.  In Egyptian Myth,
Mazda is the name of Deity of Light and in Roman Myth the name is
known as Lucifer.  And I think in Greek myth it is Venus.  On a Mazda
car is a floating symbol, this is what it looks like, the image I saw.
 I did see the image at a web site too,
One of the pictures there;
is exactly what you see at a Séance.  (the scarf looking image not the
woman).  Also I found Shekhina in the Bible John 1:14 but the spelling
in different; The Word became a human being and lived with us, and we
saw his Sh’khinah, the Sh’khinah of the Father’s only Son, full of
grace and truth. Complete Jewish Bible (Stern).  Once you have been to
a Séance, you can see things related to it.  After telling some
friends about my experience, I found out an old high school friend has
been to a Séance.

After all of this I met a Catholic and she knew about Séances, the
evil side, and there is a secret society among the Catholics that
worship heaven and in the same way of a Séance you can see light and
the sort and heterosexual telepathy.  So Séances are the worship of
the dead and Catholics worship heaven.  All and all I think those that
see a Séance think it is God and in fact it is a dead person, maybe
with the name Frank Smith who died in the 50’s.

Calling from Shadow Watch!  I did not write the greatest letter last
time.  Did not know what to write.  Just got worried you had seen
Shekhina, a dead person.  So how are things?

I joined a Catholic society called Shadow Watch.  You could say it is
not Catholic but threw a Catholic in Toronto I joined.  It is very
similar to Black Watch.  A good word to google is Black Watch.
Actually in Ottawa for a little time I was in Black Watch.  Both
organizations are really against seeing Shekhina, the light at a
Séance.  Many of the foundations in Canada are run by Black Watch,
Bombardier being one.  In Italy and a few other places, everything in
run by Shadow Watch.  Half of Canada is run from Séances and the other
half Black Watch/ShadowWatch.
A good site to see Shadow Watch is (half way down) where
white light comes out of Charles’s left eye.  This is light you can
see in Shadow Watch.  If you stay in Seances, light comes out of your
right eye and is black light or dark light.

Lots to talk about.  Hope everything is well.  I will pray for you.
Do you want to join Shadow Watch?



How to see the light of Heaven in 2 hours

Alright I am assuming you have read my book and are interested in
Catholic “Séances”.  Worshipping heaven and seeing light similar to
Séances is difficult.  That is why I wrote this.  There is a book out
at Chapters Bookstore called Black Watch and no where in the book does
it discuss light and the sort.  There is also not much out on Séances
too.  First, Heaven light can not be seen by the naked eye, the
natural eye.  A layer of some kind of thing is around on the body
after birth and continues on the body until it is removed.  Once it is
removed you can see light coming out of anyone’s eye and also
everyone’s skin is either yellow with light or with no light.  You can
also watch movies, like at Séances, hope you have seen this.  If you
are uncomfortable with the word movies, how about I call it images.
(the film Minority Report has images being seen) Kind of neat to see.
Séances are not the best gateway to Heaven light and the Séance may
brainwash you not to see anything else.  To see Heaven light one has
to also reject a Séance.  I am not sure heaven light is a good word
for what I am describing but for now it is the best word.  Once you
cross over to Heaven light you can walk in a room and notice someone
else is seeing Heaven light too.  I have met several people this way.
I have to be very careful to write what Shadow Watch does and not to
ruin the surprise for you.  Seeing all of this is a big thing and a
great experience. Shadow Watch changed my life.

The layer I am talking about is a real problem.  People that have seen
Séances wonder why they can’t see Heaven light and give up on
religion.  A good example of this is the Protestant Reformation.  When
the Catholic Church was being destroyed many into Séances could not
see what Catholics saw, and removed Catholicism from the foundation of
England and Northern Europe. Removing the layer takes time and it is
real hard to do.  In fact since the procedure is so hard to do and
strange to the general population the only places in Canada this is
done is in Police Departments and in the Black Watch Highlanders.
Removing the layer in the Police Department, is not weird since that
is the place it is, but having it removed in Revenue Canada (tax
office) is strange and not done.  I had my layer removed in England by
the British Army just by luck.  One good place to have it removed is
in the Tower of London in London.  That is the only place I have seen
the general population having a chance having it removed.  Even then,
only one person a day has it removed there.  More would have it
removed but it is really hard to get it done.  I suspect in Italy
there is more chances of having it removed and more people are in
Shadow Watch there.  Another problem of having it removed is that it
takes 10 years to remove the layer.  Once the initial removal is done
nothing more is needed to remove the layer but it takes 10 years to
remove.  Hope that makes sense, that is real important.  I had mine
first removed in 1988 but it was not until 1998 that I could see what
Shadow Watch sees.  And Black Watch too.  Initially in 1988 and when
you first get the layer removed, you see yellow light on certain
people but it goes away after awhile.  Seeing what Shadow Watch sees,
soon after I got involved in Séances and saw both sides.  I am only
guessing but the general population can not see a Séance too.
Whatever is done to see a Séance is very similar to seeing Shadow
Watch.  Once you are in Shadow Watch you can see a Séance and Heaven
light and of course being able to see a Séance does not let you see
Heaven light.

One thing I don’t understand and call a check mate question is,
(During the French Revolution)  why if Seancers are all told it is the
only thing, why did they not get the King of France into a Séance.
Was the King not allowed to see Séances?  The answer is the King was
in Black Watch.  And Napoleon's cousin became the King of Sweden so
you can't say the revolution was to remove a King.  And Napoleon
became Emperor of France.

Removing the layer---Seeing light in the eye---telepathy----seeing images

To remove the layer is very difficult.  Have you ever heard of
something disgusting?   Although strange, something happens to your
body and the layer is removed. (The film Aliens is about this) Another
thing needed is to ask God for forgiveness if you have ever done
anything wrong, before the removal.  Having God in your life really
helps.  Billy Graham is really into adding this for it to work.  Try
asking a policeman to do (hearing horror) this for you and if not try
a friend to do this, in a church.  Most policemen know of this but
half are only in Black Watch.  Another way is to be in a serious car
crash.  I mean serious!  Anyone in a severe car crash has their layer
removed.  I do know someone in Italy that got his friends to roll cars
at 100 km/h.  So if all fails buy an old car and roll it on the
highway. There also has to be a 2 minute warning if you are in a
crash.  If you are in a crash suddenly, it won't work.  If you know
you are going to be in a crash, you tense up and this helps removing
the layer.  One movie showing removal of the layer is No Country for
Old Men.  At the end of the movie the main character gets in a car
crash and there is black light around his left eye, hence the work
Black Watch.  Watch referring to eye.  And Scientology has Black
Watch/Shadow Watch courses.

*The reason heterosexual telepaths have gone unnoticed is that gay
telepath networks can not reach heterosexual telepath networks.  And
Blackwatch is Masonic.

Here is what Leonard Nimoy wrote about at

“A feminine word in Hebrew, Shekhina is the Talmudic term for the
visible and audible manifestations of the Deity's presence on Earth.
Over time, Shekhina came to represent much more — a softer, empathetic
feminine counterpart to God who could argue for humanity's sake,
comfort the poor and sick, and stand as the mother of Israel. Nimoy's
first encounter with the mystique of Shekhina began in synagogue at
the age of 8. "The men were chanting, shouting and praying in an
Orthodox service. It was very passionate, very theatrical," said
Nimoy. His father told him not to look, as the worshippers averted
their eyes during blessings recited by the kohanim, or descendants of
the priestly class. "I was chilled by the whole thing," he said. Years
later Nimoy's rabbi explained to him that the entry of Shekhina into
the sanctuary to bless the congregation could cast a fatally blinding
light. Such a powerful memory inspired the actor/photographer to
explore the feminine aspect of God in human form, including the issues
of sensuality and sexuality.”

Chapter 5

Movie_Masons_and_ Et_Caetera

AVP******2004. Starring Sanaa Lathan, Raoul Bova, Lance Henriksen,
Ewen Bremner, Colin Salmon, directed by Paul Anderson.

Humans on Earth discover pyramids beneath Antartica.  Buried among the
pyramids are Aliens and Alien eggs.  Predators fly overhead and wait
for the aliens to be born with the eggs.  Predators are Séance and
Aliens are Shadow Watch.

When I first saw this film  I was really freaked out.  I loved this
film.  It was the first film with a Séance that I can remember.  At
the beginning of the film the Predators sit around a Séance and watch
what the humans are doing in the Séance fire.  And the Aliens are
Shadow Watch.  The birth of an Alien is an egg hatched and ripped
through the chest of human. The ripped of the chest is similar to what
is called a rising, a blow of energy through a chest of a Shadow Watch
member.  It happens 10 years after the horror story awakening
discussed in the How To See Heaven Light In 2 Hours.

No Country for Old Men******2007.

2 million dollars is lost at a drug deal and taken by a hunter passing
through the area.  The story is about drug dealers hunting the hunter.

Great movie.  At the end of the movie there is a car crash and black
light comes out of the crasher's left eye hence the word Black Watch.

Shake It All About*** fff 1986. under construction

5 gay men wonder and work in Denmark and do the gay thing. One of the
men in one of the couples breaks up and gets together with a woman.
The entire film is about this love triangle.

It is not a movie you will like but you will learn allot watching
this. There is quite a bit of info in the film. First, the man that
gets left behind by his boyfriend removes his eye. The man weeps in
his apartment. But he places a black watch material patch over his eye
as if they are the reason for this breakup and for other reasons.
( Shake it all about)


Here are some quotes.  These are from a Yahoo Group called Shekhina;

We are a group of belly dancers and fire performers.

We dance to express ourselves, to transform the concept of the ideal
woman, to enjoy our own divine feminine essence, to honor the inner
Goddess within every woman, and strive to release her beauty in the
form of dance to inspire and enliven others...

...and we have fun too!

An explanation of 'Shekhina':
"According to the Kabbalah, evil came into the world once God became
separate from the "Shekhina," the deity's feminine counterpart. The
Shekhina came to be understood as a crucial element of both divine and
human spirit, symbolizing the creativity and wisdom without which no
being is complete.

The very sight of her, the awesome light emanating from the Shekhina,
is dangerous to behold.

Wisdom is radiant and unfading,...she is easily discerned by those who
love her, and is found by those who seek her. She hastens to make
herself known to those who desire her.

She is more beautiful than the sun, and excels every constellation of the stars.

She reaches mightily from one end of the earth to the other, and she
orders all things well.

There is in her a spirit that is intelligent, holy, unique, manifold,
subtle, mobile, clear, unpolluted, distinct, invulnerable, loving the
good, keen, irrestible, beneficent, humane, steadfast, sure, free from
anxiety, all-powerful, overseeing all, and penetrating through all

...For I am the first and the last.
I am the honored one and the scorned one.
I am the whore and the holy one.
I am the wife and the virgin
I am the mother and the daughter...
I am the union and the dissolution...

I am the one below,
and they come up to me...

Collected bits of truth
Shimmering sparks
Shards of light
Bursting Bright
in devine ecstatic flame."

This group is devoted to Our Heavenly Mother. Please feel her love and
respect all as her children. She is the Queen Bee to our hive. She is
Gonhorra from the Adamic Gon-horria meaning "Queen Bee". At Eryx (in
ancient Greece) she was called Melissa (Queen Bee in Greek). In the
Devi-Mahatmyam (the Glory of the Goddess) she is called Bhramari
(Queen Bee in Sanskrit). She was honored under the name Nantosvelta by
the Latinized Germans. She is "Shekinah" or "Shekhina" in Hebrew. She
is called "Sophia" in Greek by the ancient Gnostics. She is called
"Allat Ruh Sakinah" by some Muslim Sufis and her title is still used
in Arabic as "al-hikmah hiya thamînah" ("Wisdom, she is precious").

I did notice in the quotes that “in devine ecstatic light” is very
similar to the pictures at


Contestants are put on a remote island, play strategy games and vote
each other off the island.

Sometimes there are Policeman and Fireman that are Masons and join up.
 With reference to a Séance, there is imagery at the beginning of the
show (during the music theme) that is Séance-like which is similar to

One thing I have noticed with Survivor is that with each season, the
host Jeff Probst, gets more and more meaner.  The host must have been
told Seances work if you are mean.  Recently one show, left two
contestants on a beach on the first day, never playing the game and
heading home.  The two were in the game for 2 minutes.  Jeff Probst is
a minister with the Universal Life Church a church that ordains
Ministers just after 3 days.


Fargo meets Miami.

Scientology is a religion or sorts with a hammer and sickle taking on
governments and institutions.  Practicing heterosexual telepathy since
day one.  Taking on mental illness which is the prime source of evil.

Scientology is a statue eating the stars.  A religion practicing with
what are known as tubes or emeters.  The tubes can measure the
resistance in your body and determine what is wrong with your body.
Is is quite the thing to see.  The future of Scientology is making the
planet clear, that is, free from the problems, the insanity.

George Brown College** 1996

Looking back at my college days at George Brown College, some of the
teachers saw Shekhina at a Séance, probably walked out the room, and
never talked about it again.  No questions just a new high motivation
to enquire more about Freemasonry.  They will never ask where it comes
from or anything, just freaked out and tricked by an insane ghost

The Electronics course was disappointing.  I could have gone over all
course material in 4 hours.  I had finished my Multi-IFR flight
licence just before taking to George Brown and found the teachers just
talked about nothing and were very lazy.  Construction Site Mason
groups took over the school systems in the 1980’s and brought the
mentality of not passing things on to others with them.

Humber College ** 2001

One of the worse things I ever did was go to Humber and take computer
programming.  I majored in the Oracle language and when I finished I
was nowhere near what you needed to get a job.  It was joke course.
In the first year we had just one hour a week of programming so I
jumped to the third year and understood everything.  Most courses
introduced the IF statement over and over.  I think I was told how to
an IF statement 40 times.  In Oracle we would have a lecture on how to
change colors in the program.  And the student computer rooms were
full of students playing games and chatting on chats.  Most teachers
at Humber were Freemasons and did not do much.  There are secrets in
Freemasonry and now there are secrets in computer programming.  If the
teacher liked you were recruited into Freemasonry and given a job.

Troy *****
In Europe, I wonder why all Roman sites, temples, have Trojan Gods
worshipped and all Greek sites, temples to a God, are for the Gods who
fought Troy.  Every time I go to Europe I wonder this.

**Freemason Rotarians and Scientology practise heterosexual telepathy.
*** If you are ever told there are Heterosexual Telepaths in your
church, ask someone who was told there are just homosexual telepaths a
few years ago.

****If you ask a person on the street about Freemasonry they will say
nothing, if you ask a Freemason about Black Watch, they will say
nothing.  Maybe this is the way Black Watch recruits.

*****email this to friends

Colin Mitchell Toronto, Glen Cockburn Toronto, Andrew Iacobucci
Toronto, Edward Iacobucci Toronto, Martin Grosskopf Toronto, Deepak
Munyal Toronto, Darrell Couchie, Aina Tilups Toronto, Karen Inglis
Toronto, Pam Klassen Toronto, Howie Owens Toronto, Jennifer Rodgers
Toronto, Ernest Mccrank Vancouver, Dan Sparrow Toronto, George Borlido
Toronto, Helena Frick Toronto, Jennifer Cooke Toronto, Joe Pavelka
Toronto, Judy McArthur Toronto, Kate Monro Toronto,Mark Mermer
Toronto, Gord McClean Toronto, Brent Hubbs Toronto, Paul Tyndall
Toronto, Laurie Tyndall, Kim Funk Toronto, Natalie Leon Toronto, Chris
Chorney Toronto, Bill Wright Humber College, Sara Lanthier, Mike
Barber Toronto, Dave Kendrick Toronto, David Kendrick Toronto

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