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Subject: Internet Conference - Ecological Sanitation
From: Jacky Foo <[log in to unmask]>
Reply-To:Jacky Foo <[log in to unmask]>
Date:Wed, 15 Aug 2001 11:19:22 +0200

text/plain (158 lines)

The 1st Intl Conf. on Ecological Sanitation (5-8 Nov. 2001. Nanning, China. will be extended over Internet to enable those of you who
are unable to be in Nanning to interact by email with the authors/participants
as well as other Internet participants. Abstracts of papers will be available on
the web and electronic mailing lists will be used to conduct the discussion.

If you wish to receive more information by email on how to participate, please
join the electronic mailing list ET-W11. To join, send an email to
[log in to unmask] and use the following subscription command:
SUB ET-W11 yourfirstname yourlastname, country

The tentative Programme (revised 13 Aug 2001) is given below and future
programme updates can be viewed from

Jacky Foo
Coordinator-IBSnet (Integrated Bio-Systems Network)
International Organization of Biotechnology and Bioengineering

++++++ tentative programme ++++++

Monday 5 November
16:30-18:30 Opening ceremony, Keynote introductions
18:30-20:30 Reception

Tuesday 6 November
08:30 -11:30 Plenary session
* Thor-Axel Stenstrom: Reduction efficiency of index pathogens
     in dry sanitation compared with traditional and alternative
     wastewater treatment systems
* Pan Shunchang: Ecosan and human health
* Roland Schertenleib: Principles and implications of household
     centred-approach in environmental sanitation
* Yang Chaofei: Likely to focus on how to deal with water pollution
     including toilet discharge
* Liu Jiayi: The introduction of ecological sanitation in China
     - practice, problems and strategies
13:00-17:30  Site visit
19:15-20:30  Panel on site visits

Wednesday 7 November
8:30-11:30 Plenary session
* Mayling Simpson-Hebert: Ecological sanitation and urban sustainability
* Luo Shiming: The use of human excreta in traditional Chinese agriculture
* Hakan Jonsson: Source separation of human urine  effects on
     water emissions, crop yield, energy usage and reliability
* Wang Mengjie: Biogas, pigsty, greenhouse and toilet - '4 in 1'
     development in China

13:00-17:30 Parallel session A (Nature conservation, agriculture, health)
* Ecological sanitation in India and Sri Lanka, Paul Calvert
* Development of source control sanitation systems in Germany, Li Zifu
* Newly developed medium-tech decentralised sanitation concepts
     for closing nutrient and water cycles, Deepak Raj Gajurel
* Comprehensive approaches to the use of human and animal excreta,
     Zhang Wudi
* Separation of urine from municipal sewage for prevention of water
      pollution, Tomonari Matsuda
* On organic agriculture, Yang Guozheng
* Reuse and recycling of nutrients in source separated urine with
      vegetable plants, Kadar Prajapati
* Inventory of phosphorus fluxes in an urban-shed: options for local
     nutrient recycling, Bekitemba Gumbo
* Ecological sanitation practice and technology development in southern
     Africa and Zimbabwe, Edward Guzha
* Kisoro town ecological sanitation - O&M experience in SW Uganda
     as a contribution to water resource protection, Dorothy Nyrianeza

13:00-17:30 Parallel session B
(Urban & rural settlements, institutional development, promotion)
* The practice and thinking in the construction of model villages that
     carry out comprehensive ecological improvement, Luo Daguang
* Ecosan development in Guangxi, China, Lin Jiang
* Construction and sanitary effect of '6 in 1' toilet in Mancheng
     county, north China, Liu Yi
* To accelerate rural development by using biogas and improving
     the ecological environment, Xiao Chao
* Research and application of a biogas decontamination
     system, Wang Yongzhi
* Biogas sanitation in poor settlements: a case study
     from Bangladesh, Bilqis Hoque
* A combined cropping-biogas-dwelling eco-agro-engineering model
     and its function for ecological sanitation improvement in
     rural China. Tang Jianjung
* Treatment of public toilet wastewater by  biogas
     septic tank, Deng Liangwei
* Separation of urine from municipal sewage for prevention of
     water pollution, Tomonari Matsuda
* Improvement of nightsoil and septage management for
     Hanoi city, Nguyen Thi Tim
* Popularizing eco building - an effective way to improve urban
     environment and implement sustainable development, Yu Yigeng
* Fractioning graywater in a differentiable onsite wastewater
     treatment system, Naoyuki Funamizu
* Comparison of simple methods for converting costs of sanitation
     systems between locations, Thomas Loetscher
19:15-20:30 Panel discussion: Ecological development and policy
Panel: Politicians and top administrators

Thursday 8 November
08:30-12:00 Parallel sessions A (continued)
* Introducing ecological sanitation in rural and peri-urban areas of
     northern Mozambique, Ned Breslin
* Recent development of dry toilets in Japan, Zhen Liu
* Survival of Ascaris suum ova, indicator bacteria and Salmonella
     typhimurium phage 28B in mesophilic composting of
     household waste, Annika Holmqvist
* Microbial safety of ecological toilets in urban and rural El Salvador,
     Christine Moe
* Evaluation of microbial health risks associated with the reuse of
     human urine, Caroline Hoglund
* Biological study on retention time of microorganisms in faecal
     material in urine-diverting eco-san toilets, Bui Trong Chien
* Observation on the inactivation effect on Ascaris suum eggs
     in urine directing toilets, Yang Lan
* Survival of faecal coliforms in dry composting toilets, Thomas Redlinger
* Treatment and utilization of septic tank effluent using vertical-flow
     constructed wetlands and vegetable hydroponics, Cui Lihua
* Consideration on 21 century human being ecological health, Wang Jing
* Design and performance of ecological sanitation systems, Petter Jenssen
* Evaluating ecological sanitation - a sociotechnical approach, Ketil Haarstad

08:30-12:00 Parallell sessions B (continued)
* Ecosan in Mexico: strategies for sustainable multiplication,
        George Anna Clark
* The Vinasanres project in Vietnam: achievements and future
        plans, Nguyen Hui Nga
* An appraisal of ecosan pilot projects in Jilin, Shanxi and Guangxi,
        China, Wang Rusong
* Rural sanitation, ecosystems and development strategy in
        western China, Wei Bo
* An appraisal of rural toilets in Wuhan city, Tan Tieqiang
* Developing partnerships for effective knowledge sharing
        on innovative technologies, Piers Cross
* Ecosan opportunities in Africa: learning from the past and
        listening to demand, Lukman Salifu
* What would make ecosan a priviledged solution?, J-O Drangert
* Towards individual decentralized solutions with a communal
          maintenence and control structure, Andreas Knapp
* Building an ecological culture and creating an ecological
         civilization, Zhang Ruxian
13:00-15:00 Panel discussion: The future of ecological sanitation
Panel: Representatives of Sida, Unicef, UNDP, GTZ, World Bank
          and implementing institutions in China
15:00-17:00 Plenary session
       Summaries of the parallel sessions
       Highlights of the conference
       Conclusions and Recommendations
17:30-19:30 Closing ceremony and Banquet

Friday 9 November
       Departure for post-conference tours.

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