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Från EBSCO:s senaste pressmeddelande

EBSCO is a part of a new community project to develop an open-source library services platform. Called FOLIO, the initiative brings together libraries, service providers and developers from across the globe to work together to imagine and develop new services. The project, which is well underway, is bound to deliver new approaches to the challenges that libraries face in an ever-changing world.

The FOLIO platform will support traditional library management functionality, yet is built for innovation. As such, the platform will be extensible at its core. This means that anyone can freely build on core functionality or extend the platform through the development of applications that will deliver new services. These applications will be available via a marketplace.

For all creatives, idea people and designers interested in FOLIO: You can now start to mockup your own interactive prototypes of apps for the FOLIO platform—and even share your prototypes with the community. No programming skills required!

Julafton för våra it-utvecklare och för våra bibliotek

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