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Skickat: den 2 februari 2000 20:30
Ämne: CrossRef Update

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> CrossRef Update
> Journal Reference Linking Service Names Executive Director, Board of
> Directors, New Members, and a Go Live? Timetable
> New York, N.Y. February 2, 2000. 
> A group of leading scientific and scholarly publishers today announced the
> appointment of Ed Pentz as Executive Director of CrossRef, the
> collaborative reference-linking service announced on November 16, 1999. 
> Mr. Pentz, who will be based in Burlington, Massachusetts, assumed his new
> position on February 1.
> The reference links enabled by CrossRef will be of great benefit to
> scientists.  "I am looking forward to moving ahead quickly to implement
> the service and to signing up more publishers so that CrossRef can be a
> comprehensive source for linking journal articles," said Mr. Pentz, who
> was previously Electronic Business Development Manager at Academic Press.
> Mr. Pentz explained that CrossRef will be operated under the aegis of a
> not-for-profit organization jointly formed by the member publishers and
> recently incorporated as Publishers International Linking Association,
> Inc. (PILA).  He also reported on the election of its Board of Directors,
> which includes Eric A. Swanson, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Chairman; Pieter
> Bolman, Academic Press, Treasurer;  Michael Spinella, AAAS; Marc Brodsky,
> American Institute of Physics; John R. White, Association for Computing
> Machinery; John Strange, Blackwell Science; John Regazzi, Elsevier
> Science; Anthony Durniak, IEEE; Jeffrey K. Smith, Kluwer Academic
> Publishers; Stefan von Holtzbrinck, Nature Publishing Group; Martin
> Richardson, Oxford University Press; and Ruediger Gebauer,
> Springer-Verlag.
> According to Mr. Pentz, Cambridge University Press, Marcel Dekker Inc.,
> the Royal Society of Chemistry, Portland Press, the American Mathematical
> Society, and the American Psychological Association have recently joined
> this innovative initiative, bringing the current total to 22 member
> publishers.  Active discussions are underway with many more scientific and
> scholarly primary journal publishers to further broaden this industry-wide
> initiative.
> CrossRef is scheduled to launch during the first quarter of this year. Mr.
> Pentz said that the multi-step process will begin next week when member
> publishers begin to submit information about their journal articles to the
> CrossRef metadata database.  In the weeks and months that follow, live
> reference links will begin to appear gradually, as member publishers use
> CrossRef to enable them to add reference links in their journal articles
> to other publishers? content.
> CrossRef will operate behind-the-scenes by enabling member publishers to
> add reference links to their online journals. Users of the online journals
> will see, click on, and follow the links directly to the content; there
> will be no visible CrossRef interface.  Publishers will control access to
> their content. CrossRef will be run from a central facility operated by
> PILA, and will utilize the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to ensure
> permanent links.
> Once the service is fully launched, more than three million articles
> across thousands of journals will be linked through CrossRef, and more
> than half a million more articles will be linked each year thereafter. 
> Such linking will enhance the efficiency of browsing and reading the
> primary scientific and scholarly literature.  It will enable readers to
> gain access to logically related articles with one or two clicks ? an
> objective widely accepted among researchers as a natural and necessary
> part of scientific and scholarly publishing in the digital age.  For more
> information about CrossRef, visit